GLOBE reaches every nook and corner of Jammu & Kashmir & is  read by large number of students as well as professionals, providing the best chances for business houses, entrepreneurs, enterprises and advertisers to communicate their business message and information in the most effective manner to the target client class.

As it is, a daily newspaper survives its news-value for a short while only, while as, a monthly Infotech magazine like GLOBE remains in circulation for a long period of more than one month and gets never destroyed. It definitely means that advertisement of your product gets profit-yielding safer place, after having touched thousands of hearts.So, there is no better choice than GLOBE to advertise and introduce your products, services and other commercial ventures before a host of various classes of society i.e, Government Officers and Employees, Business Community, I.T. Related Professionals and Students, and above all common masses.

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Advertising in GLOBE is cost effective, as the tariff is tailor made to suit your budget and economy – giving you real value for money.

Interested? Please drop us a mail at advertise[at]globekashmir[dot]com and we will be happy to respond back within a while.