Kashmiri boy develops Android Spy to track cellphones


A 22-year old Kashmiri student has developed an Android application that can track lost cell phones and show call log even after the SIM was changed or phone rebooted.

Arshid Dar, a student of Kashmir University’s Computer Application Department has named the application as ‘Android Spy’ that tracks lost mobile phones by using both GPS navigation and tower location.

The application named, AndroidSpy, offers an innovative powerful monitoring features. These features range from simple to advanced: Working in Stealth mode, Sneaking location of device, Sneaking call logs etc.

“Basically it’s a location and call monitoring software and my idea behind making this was to help people track their devices from other devices like laptops,” said Dar.

Android Spy has versions both for Android 2.3 and Android 4 and remains invisible on the phones running Android 4.

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“After installation, the app remains hidden and without the password, the app which continues to run, cannot be detected. If someone has to track their mobile phone they can easily login through website from another device like a laptop and track the present location of the phone as well as the call details.”

The application can be downloaded from http://aandroidspy.jelastic.servint.net/androidwebservice and installed on the Android phone.

“I decided to make my own website and place my application on that so that common mobile users can easily access the website and find the details about their mobile phones. I will further improve the device and then I will upload the device on the Android market.” he said.

Dar said he is presently working on developing another application that will help parents to track their children.

“I am presently working on developing an app that will enable parents to track their children in the school buses. Parents can see live visuals of their children who are travelling in the school buses,” he said.

Pertinently, the trend of developing websites, games and applications among youth is gaining popularity in Kashmir.

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