WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook


WhatsApp will soon start sharing your data with Facebook to improve your experience on Facebook. This information came to light when a freelance Android developer Javier Santos started using one of the beta updates which WhatsApp regularly rolls out before making a public release.

According to screenshots shared by him, it is clear that soon, WhatsApp user account information will be shared with Facebook. This feature is currently being tested out in WhatsApp beta version 2.12.413.

Here you can see WhatsApp requesting users to share their information with Facebook.


The feature, as seen in the screenshot, appears on the Account settings of the app, and asks users whether they want to share their WhatsApp account information with Facebook. From the leaked images, it appears to be an optional choice.

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Interestingly, the same version of the app also has a “hidden” security settings page that provides users with the option to enable an additional indicator that would inform them whether their chats and calls are encrypted. Enabling the feature, however, requires a person to have a rooted Android smartphone or tablet and run a bunch of command.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the founders had categorically stated that both the entities would continue to operate independently. However, with this new update, it is clear that Facebook is now looking at using WhatsApp account user data to bring even more user intelligence to their already intelligent (in terms of user preferences) platform.

WhatsApp dropped its subscription charge last week. That brings it more in line with Facebook Messenger, which makes its money from allowing companies to get in touch with users, as well as using information for advertising. WhatsApp data will surely help Facebook to increase relevancy. Increased relevancy will also help Facebook to show relevant ads, thereby bettering their advertising platform as well.

Apart from this, many WhatsApp users do not have a Facebook account. Facebook will definitely try to get in touch with them to create Facebook accounts.

We are still not sure about what all “account information” will be share with Facebook, but if WhatsApp is providing user stats and frequency of messaging, it will help Facebook understand the user better. Facebook may also personalise the timelines better for users by showing them posts from their close WhatsApp friends on priority.

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