Must have Firefox Addons


Firefox is a good browser, but it is the Extension Eco System that makes it a great browser. Extensions allow you to add functionality and convenience to your Firefox install and help you enjoy flawless browsing. So here is our top ten list in no particular order.


Think of it as Windows’ Aero/Linux’s Compiz/Mac’s Expose in your browser. You can preview and then open all your tabs via this extension in various 3D Views. You can select from six different views to display the tabs. One interesting and very useful feature is you can switch to Foxtab view (if you have multiple windows open with multiple tabs in each of them) and it will show all the tabs from all the Windows for easy switching in full 3D glory. If you find yourself frequently working with more than 20 tabs, some of which were opened a few hours before and have difficulty in remembering what is there in what, this extension should significantly reduce your neural processing load. You can download FoxTab from


While shopping at Ebay US or any other site, you would’ve wished the prices were displayed in rupees instead of US dollars; or there were no adds or sponsored results on the Google search page. May be even Google imageresults open directly as thefull size image. This extension is the genie’s reply to all that and more. This extensions allows you to customise a web page on the fly based on small bits of Java scripts that can be downloaded according to what you want from With the aid of this extension you can make your choosen web sites fit exactly into your desired mould. With the a strong and large user base, you can be assured of customisation, in the form of a user script. To get this add-on, go to


Tired of repeatedly filling forms and remembering various login IDs and password for the gazillion sites that you have traversed through till now, don’t sweat — AI RoboForm is the answer. It is not the only player in this area, but of the various options evaluated, it is the most user friendly and feature rich option. It comes complete with AES encryption to store your passwords. A version for various browsers, including for iPhone and even an online interface is available, ensuring you can access your data and details from where ever and when ever you want. Install it once, fill in your details, and you won’t have to ever fill those irritating forms manually again or remember those excruciatingly complex passwords. Add RoboForm to Firefox from

Sage RSS Reader

To satisfy the RSS-holic in you, Sage RSS Reader is the perfect compromise between the extremely limited live bookmarks feature of Firefox and a separate RSS client. Sage RSS reader neatly integrates within your browser window, is light on memory, enables full print and you never have to leave your browser window to keep yourself updated about global news or your friend’s blog. It packs decent punch in terms of features and has support for RSS 2.0 and Atom and even has feed discovery. Makes shifting from one client to another easy by supporting import and export of OMPL lists and even connects with the Firefox bookmarking system to give you a seamless browsing experience. You can add Sage RSS reader from


If you’re a Twitter ambassador, this is a must have Firefox extension. This is a non obtrusive way of tweeting and keeping yourself updated about your friend’s tweet. It supports direct tweeting of the current tab link, so you can tell the world about the awesome site you just visited in one click. It has separate internal tabs for direct messages and replies along with showing your timeline. All links can be opened by clicking on them in a new tab from a tweet. It supports multiple accounts so you can tweet conveniently from multiple accounts. The reply tab also shows references to you from across the globe, so you can track your popularity. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut for checking the latest tweet to satisfy the ninja in you.

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EchoFon also notifies you pop-up alerts for new tweets. Add this extension at

AdBlock Plus

If you think your productivity is being hampered by the extra download time of those irritating ads or you just plain find them annoying while browsing the internet, this extension eliminates almost all ads from most web sites. When you start the extension for the first time, you can subscribe to a block list. Also, if you find out later that an ad that should be blocked, isn’t, you can add it manually or even add them on a generic pattern basis. You can also white-list any content you really need but has been mistakenly blocked by AdBlock as an advertisement. This extension gives you a much cleaner and leaner web page to browse through. To get relieved from ads, download the add-on from

WebMail Notifier

This Firefox extension automatically checks for your online web-based accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail and notifies you on the arrival of a new mail. It supports multiple account at the same time and resides as a small icon in your Firefox notification panel. The extension uses the inbuilt Firefox password manager to store your password for enhanced safety, so that neither are passwords stored locally without encryption or are stored online. A lot of web sites are also supported via user scripts. Give it a try and you will never turn back. It is also a “recommended” add-on by the Firefox team. You can get this add-on from


Formerly known as Foxmarks, this is the easiest and simplest way of synching your bookmarks across different machines and across different platforms. You simply create an online account and it
automatically synchs the bookmarks according to your specified settings. You can merge or overwrite the extensions, depending on your choice. Also, the latest version adds functionality to your search results on Google and other search engines. There’s an icon next to the link, indicating that link has been bookmarked by other people, greatly aiding in finding quality content out of search results. The bookmark discovery feature also doubles up as an alternative to Digg and Reddit. To add this extension, go to

Download StatusBar

Simplicity is the USP of this extension. It creates a coloured status bar for all your downloads and the progress is depicted by filling the tab icon in the status bar. It auto hides when not in use and does its job very well. You can pause and cancel a download by clicking on the status bar. Very useful with Windows 7, because with auto-grouping, your download tab is hidden from direct view and repeatedly having to check it to monitor your download progress can be inconvenient. The download status bar supports multiple downloads at once and automatically assigns a different coloured progress bar to each for easy tracking. Get it from:


It blocks all Flash content from any web site, leading to faster downloads and rendering times. But it still leaves a nice placeholder there with a play icon, so that you can click and selectively allow whatever Flash content you want. Effectively, on a YouTube page, you can allow just your video to play and block all the unnecessary Flash paraphernalia on the web page. Currently, it supports blocking Macromedia’s Flash, Shockwave and Authorware content. It works flawlessly on Windows, but some users have reported problems with Linux installations. Add this extension from

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